Blocking Buffer I


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Blocking Buffer I
• Solution for blocking unspecific binding sites in ELISA, EIA & Western blots
• Application in ELISA, EIA, RIA, Western Blot, Protein chips, Immuno-PCR and Immuno histochemistry
• efficiently blocks free protein binding sites on ELISA plates and transfer membranes
• based on chemically modifed, low-molecular weight casein
ready-to-use; stabilised with 0.1 % ProClin® 300; pH 7.2
shipment at ambient temperature
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Blocking Buffer I is based on a low-molecular weight, highly purified casein with NaCl and Tween® and stabilized with 0.1 % ProClin® 300. It does not contain glycosylated proteins. Blocking Buffer I saturates free binding capacities on plastic consumables and other surfaces like ELISA plates and blotting membranes. Thus a reduction of unspecific binding on surfaces can be achieved. Efficiency of blocking is significantly improved in comparison to standard blocking procedures by a special production method, which leads to casein molecules with many different molecular sizes. Blocking Buffer I can be used in ELISA, EIA, RIA, Western blotting, immuno-PCR, protein arrays as well as immunohistochemistry. Immediately before use the buffer should be mixed thoroughly. Blocking Buffer I is ready-to-use. Repeated freezing and thawing is possible. After immobilisation of capture antibody or target protein Blocking Buffer I is applied without dilution in wells or on membranes. Incubation time has to be adopted depending on surface characteristics by the user. We recommend blocking over night at 4°C, but in many cases shorter incubation is also promising. After blocking the surface has to be washed with Washing Buffer to make it useable for the next working steps.