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Biopharmaceuticals are medicines produced by biotechnology. They are proteins (including antibodies), nucleic acids (DNA, RNA or antisense oligonucleotides) used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes in vivo, and are produced by means other than direct extraction from a native (non-engineered) biological source.

ITW Reagents has been producing high-quality raw material and excipients for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries for more than 80 years. Our goal is to provide the best products to make your work easier so you can save on time and resources.

Why us:

  • Exceptional know-how and a wide range of chemicals and biochemicals for a great diversity of applications.
  • European production committed to corporate social responsability (CSR).
  • Clear communication channel through our sales force and customer service team, and efficient global distribution network.
  • Qualified management team fully committed to our business project.

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