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Pharmaceuticals are substances used in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases and for restoring, correcting, or modifying organic functions.

Pharmaceuticals are generally classified by chemical group, by the way they work in the body (pharmacological effect), and by therapeutic use. Alkaloids were the first pure pharmaceuticals derived from natural substances (plants); they include quinine, nicotine, cocaine, atropine, and morphine. Drugs of animal origin include glandular extracts containing hormones, such as insulin for use in treating diabetes.

Antibiotics, vaccines, human blood-plasma fractions, and steroid hormones are other important pharmaceuticals manufactured from natural substances. Vitamins, which were formerly obtained from natural sources, are now often made in the laboratory.

In the preparation of dosages, many pharmaceuticals are ground to varying degrees of fineness. Many medicinal substances are added to water, alcohol, or another solvent so that they can be used in solution form. Ointments are one of many semisolid preparations, which also include creams and pastes. Solid pharmaceuticals include pills, tablets, and suppositories. In this form the compounds are more stable, with less risk of chemical reaction, and the dosage is easier to determine. Storage and packaging also is made simpler, and solid forms are more efficient to produce.

ITW Reagents has been producing high-quality raw material and excipients for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries for more than 80 years. Our goal is to provide the best products to make your work easier so you can save on time and resources.

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  • Exceptional know-how and a wide range of chemicals and biochemicals for a great diversity of applications.
  • European production committed to corporate social responsability (CSR).
  • Clear communication channel through our sales force and customer service team, and efficient global distribution network.
  • Qualified management team fully committed to our business project.

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