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The Karl Fischer titration (KFT) is an analytical technique for the water determination in food, pharma, petrochemical, and other samples. The water content is measured as an important quality parameter of several goods. While in food and pharma the water content has an important influence on the expiry date/stability of the final product, the water content of crude oil determines the price of this heavily used raw material.
By applying KFT, moisture and crystal water are determined all together. This can be done by carrying out volumetric or coulometric KFT. Volumetric KFT is applicable to solid and liquid samples with water content greater than 1%, while coulometric KFT is used only in liquid samples with water content smaller than 1%.

AQUAMETRIC® is the in-house produced range of pyridine-free Karl Fischer reagents and applicable for volumetric and coulometric KFT. AQUAMETRIC® is a complete solution for all laboratories carrying out water determinations using KFT, and consists of water standards, working media and dried solvents.

ITW Reagents product offering
• Reagents for volumetric Karl Fischer titration (water content between 1 and 100 mg, ideally 10 mg of water)
• Reagents for coulometric Karl Fischer titration (water content between approximately 10 μg and 10 mg, ideally 1 mg of water)
• Specific reagents for volumetric titration of oils, ketones and aldehydes.
• Auxiliary reagents
• Water standards
• Pack sizes: 10 mL ampoules, 100 g, 500 mL, 1 L and 2.5 L bottles

Who can use AQUAMETRIC® branded Karl Fischer reagents?
Quality control departments in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals and oil, food and beverage, feed, cosmetics and medicines, paints, lacquers, adhesives, plastics and resins manufacturers and research laboratories can use AQUAMETRIC® branded Karl Fischer reagents for the determination of the water content in raw materials, during production and in finished products.

Main advantages
AQUAMETRIC® branded Karl Fischer reagents are pyridine-free products. Imidazole is used as a replacement of pyridine to minimize health risks to users. ITW Reagents offers a wide range of reliable reagents with stable and precise titer (titer is influenced by water from ambient air) and low drift. ITW Reagents products are manufactured and controlled in Europe according to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental) and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety). A constant stock level and a long shelf life, up to 5 years depending on the reagent, are guaranteed. ITW Reagents also offers excellent customer service and technical support committed to customers’ needs.

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