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Histofix Preservative now available in pink coloured formalin 25/09/2017

Histofix ® Preservative ready to use (pink) for clinical diagnosis, 257462.0905 and 257462.0962

The classic Histofix ® Preservative ready to use line is now enlarged with a new product: pink colored formalin for a better visualization of small specimens. This new colored solution improves the visibility of grey or whitish small samples allowing a greater efficiency of laboratory technicians in the different stages of the histological process.
Available in sizes 10ml and 30ml:

canonicalGraduated Volume (ml) canonicalTotal volume (ml) canonicalØ opening (mm) canonicalHeight w/cap (mm) canonical257462.0905 canonical257462.0962
Code Formol Units/box Container information
10 45 20 25 34 43
30 45 60 76 45 60