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Media and Supplements

For cultivation of bacteria or eukaryotic cells, media and supplements are needed. ITW Reagents offers and covers the basics in this field.


All Agars

We provide products such as Tryptone (A1553) and Yeast extract (A1552) but also prepared LB Medium (A0954). From our broad range of different agars you can choose the right product for cultivation or analytical purposes, as for example Agar Bacteriology grade (A0949).

Code Product
A0949 Agar Bacteriology grade
A3477 Agar for molecular biology
A2113 Agar Kobe I
A0917 Agar powdered food grade
A2111 Agar Plant tissue culture grade
A7459 LB-Agar - Powder according to Lennox
A0927 LB-Agar - Powder according to Miller