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As ingredients of Culture Media we offer Extracts, Agar-Agar and Peptones-Tryptones. All of them are basic components of the dehydrated media and their quality is essential for the performance of the culture.

Extracts and other preparations

The extracts are meat, plants or yeast infusions that produce aqueous preparations commonly used as a nutritive base in the culture media for the growth of various microorganisms. These products contain Amino acids, low molecular weight peptides, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The extracts are obtained by boiling an mount of tissue (organism) and use the liquid produced or, more usually, the solid obtained when desiccating the infusion.


Solidifying agent used in bacteriological culture media and other applications (tissue culture, diffusion Immunological studies, nutritional studies, etc.). Agar is a polygalactoside that is obtained from marine red algae. Most microorganisms are unable to degrade it.
The concentrations most commonly used in bacteriological culture media are 13-20 g / l for solid media and 5-7 g / l for semi-solid media. In different applications, different grades of purity are required. By the treatment of the raw material and the methods used in its purification basically we can obtain 4 types of Agar:
Agar Technical, American-type Bacteriological Agar, European-type Bacteriological Agar and Purified Agar.


Peptones and tryptones are the products that obtained by the proteolytic degradation of proteins of diverse Origins (meat, soya, malt, casein, ...), obtained by digestion peptic, triptych, pancreatic, etc. The product obtained Is rich in free amino acids and small molecular weight peptides. It is used as a source of Nitrogen by large diversity of organisms. The different origins give peptones with different nutritional contributions. The most used are The Casein Peptone and the Bacteriological, however, it is sometimes necessary to mix peptones of different origins for the cultivation of certain microorganisms.