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Solvents for Pesticide Residues Analysis

This range of high purity solvents has been specifically designed for the analysis of pesticide residues in the food industry and in the environmental control, for example in drinking water.


Our solvents are carefully controlled by Gas Chromatography. The analysis is made over a sample 500 fold concentrated. Then the sample is injected in the Gas Chromatograph using the ECD and the FID detectors.

We guarantee the following specifications for the high purity solvents for pesticide analysis:

  • Using an ECD detector in the interval from Lindane to DDT, there are no peaks greater than 5 ng/l of Lindane.
  • Using a FID detector in the interval from from 2-Octanol to Tetradecanol.

These solvents are carefully packed and the liquid only gets in contact with glass and teflon. The pesticide analysis program includes Sodium Sulphate anhydrous with the same guarantee level of pesticide impurities.