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HPLC Reagents

The range of solvents for HPLC and spectroscopy is specifically designed to be used in the modern methods of Instrumental Analysis, as multipurpose solvents.


These products are strictly controlled in our analytical laboratories. Our quality control includes the IR spectrum to confirm the aptitude for IR spectroscopy. We check the ultraviolet spectrum to confirm the quality level (high Transmittance) required in HPLC and UV spectroscopy applications. We also guarantee a high assay level (most solvents are 99.9%) and a very low level of evaporation residue and water contents. These parameters are very important in HPLC. All these solvents are microfiltered (0.2 microns) to guarantee the minimum particles level. In order to maintain an optimum quality level during storage and for a better conservation, all these solvents are bottled under nitrogen atmosphere.